Life Without God

Life Without God

As I lay down thinking about my life, so much screwed up, why did God leave me alone and why did he leave me in such a miserable state. Although God spoke to me couple of weeks before but now I feel like I have lost a connection with God. I feel so hopeless I feel like an atheist going to bed without even thinking about his creator.

It’s 2:14am midnight. I’m not feeling sleepy and i’m still pondering over my life. I have no words to explain how miserable my life is. Although I pray to God it seems like God does not want to listen my prayers. I feel like crying but I can’t cry.

In a few weeks I have to preach a sermon at college. I think I can’t do it if i remain in this situation and I don’t want to go on stage and preach God’s without having God in me.

I cry out to God asking him to vindicate me from my suffering but I guess God has turned his ear away from me.

I cant even express my emotion. Don’t even understand what is happening with me.I’m trapped in something which I don’t understand.

My prayer is God I need you more and please do not go away from me.
But deep inside my heart i believe that God is preparing me for something Special.


2 thoughts on “Life Without God

  1. He is preparing you for something special. He is right there with you. The deepest places with the Lord are often the most painful. He truly takes our pain and works it out for good. Screwed up life is just a great opportunity for God to do His work. I cant tell you how many times I felt like the heavens were silent….and then God worked it out…He does His best work behind the scenes…trust Him…He has it…and He has you….
    You are a treasure to Him….
    This is a refining season for you…the best we can give others in our preaching, in our lives is all that God is bringing us through..what He is doing in us……that is a genuine life onto Him…
    Be encouraged HE LOVES YOU….

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