But you must return to your God;

maintain love and justice,

and wait for your God always.

Dissecting this passage into parts.



This is talking about Jacob (Israel)

Although the beginning of Israel’s forefather, Jacob was great. Idol worship and self-indulgence had led them astray from God. And now God establishes three important factors for them to return to God.

1. Maintain Love.

                 i.e. Love all People.

2. Maintain Justice

                 i.e. Stand for the cause of the oppressed.

3. Wait for your God always.

                 i.e. Do not be in Haste but wait for God’s guidance.

I think of this in our world today.

We have to ask ourselves is; do we keep the love alive in us?

Do we stand for the justice of the oppressed?

Do we wait for God always?

Where do we stand?

If you think you have failed. Here’s what God says. 

God outlines these three factors as a way to bring them back to the covenant relationship they had at that time you began.

A decline in our relationship with God will cause a lack of love or partial love: we will fail to love everybody just as we love ourselves.

It causes an inability to stand for justice.

It will make us become hasty that we don’t want to wait for God in every area of our life.

The most important goal of our life should be to grow in the relationship with God. And that is when we will be able to love others, stand for justice and wait for God’s work in every area of our lives.

It all starts in a relationship with God.


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