During my devotion tonight I stumbled upon a verse that drove into my heart like a  carpenter would drive a nail into a hard piece of wood with great force.

Here’s my devotion.

I don’t have much to write. There’s more to ponder and meditate than to write and explain. 

In Hebrews 3:9 it says, (MESSAGE BIBLE)

     Even though they watched me at work for forty years, your ancestors refused to let me do it my way;

How many times have we seen God’s work in our life and we know he can do anything but have never let Him do things in His own way?

to throw a light on the background of this passage, 

The writer of Hebrews writes to a Jewish audience about the redemption message. About how God brought his people from Egypt and leads them to the promised land. On the way, although, they saw God working in a mighty way; by parting the red sea and giving them manna (food of the angels). They still lacked something. They lacked the ability to trust in God completely thus not allowing let God work in his way.!

I’m sure we all can relate to this. 

Although Jesus said, do not be anxious. That is one of the first things we do. Because we see it in our parents, we see it in the people around us as we grow up and so, it’s feels so natural for us to be anxious and lose our trust in God.

The Bible says, And without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). It was true several thousand years ago and it is true even today. The basic action of pleasing God is only through faith and faith alone; that is letting him take the center piece in our life.

There are things that could have happened to the Israelites.

  1. Ability to depend on their own Strength.
  2. Failure to depend on God.

Ability to depend on their own strength. 

The Israelites were strong people. Not just strong physically but mentally also. They must have had an idea that they could find a way of their own survival without God, like the other nations around them. Because they must have felt that this whole God thing is a bit too much to handle.

Something we even feel today in our lives. Why pray? Why meditate? Why go to church? and so on,

It’s vital to understand. A simple thought, “I can sustain life with my own strength; can replace God from your life and can make you as the god of your own life.

If at all you feel that way. It’s better to throw away such thoughts than ponder on it. Because these are the thoughts that won’t let God work in the way He desires.

Failure to depend on God

I must admit, it is not-so-easy to trust in God. It is not a cakewalk. For a second thought, I was thinking of what the Israelites might have gone through in the desert. Although it might have felt as a reasonable choice for them to drift away from the God who brought them out of Egypt and worship the so-called gods they thought could help them. They simply failed to look up to the living God and to praise him for what he has done.

Now with that being said. I, in no way, support the ideology of the Israelites to move away from the living God. But this is what I’d rather say,

When we experience God’s goodness in life. We have to praise him for that throughout our whole lives. As human beings, we constantly need to be reminded of how powerful our God is. Although we have heard it on several occasions…it simply doesn’t find a place in our feeble memory.

Let me put this more clearly. If you and I have to build dependency on God.

Here’s what we have to do.

Praise Him. Praise Him all the time. Worship Him. Adore Him. Sing His majesty, goodness, and kindness. Recall of all things he has done. Then you will be able to trust in him. The more you praise and worship him, the more you will be able to trust him. Trusting him is an everyday practice. The more your trust in him, the more you become dependent on him.

It is important to understand; it is not so easy to trust in God unless we practice it every day.

Where are we now?

Are we dependent on Him? or Are we trying to live life based on our abilities?

If we are dependent on Him, we will find him working his way completely in us. I tell you, that is life just the way God designed it.

As we stand on the path of life. We have to make a choice. Either it’s God or your ability that you can choose to trust.

Choose God. You will experience him leading you wonderfully.

I recommend you listen to this song as you prayerfully make a decision to depend on him.


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