First of all, My Apologies. A friend of mine who read this blog pointed out there are mistakes and  that it feels incomplete. I checked and found there were formatting issues and few sentences were deleted accidentally before posting — and  I hadn’t reviewed it completely before posting it…due lack of patience. I used the WordPress app on my phone to post this blog and didn’t know it had bugs that added different font sizes in each sentence. I have reviewed and corrected it now. Hopefully, this will make clear what I intended to write. Thanks myf! I owe you a treat now.! 😀 

I’ve been writing about faith for the past few days. I didn’t plan to continue writing it as a series but I read a verse today during devotion and it happened to be the passage that talks about faith.

So, Here’s another blog on faith.

James 2:14,

What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?

This verse speaks for itself. Let’s delve into it.

James the brother of Jesus became an important part of the early Church. He wrote a letter with advice for practical living to the Jewish people scattered around the Roman empire.

I’ve written earlier on how we should build a lifestyle of faith, and ask without a doubt. And so, this is the next one where you begin to add action to your faith to see it come alive.

So, for the introduction I want you to imagine this as a movie scene with you as the main character and James as your father.

Let’s name the main Character as Mr. Paul and your father as James. 

Scene opens:

Beautiful day, you step in the balcony of your apartment. New day. You are excited about it but also are experiencing a bit of anxiety about your finances.

Mr. Paul (you): God, thank you for this day. It sure is a bright beautiful day, feels exciting. I feel like I have enough faith but nothing seems to happen. You know, I trust you with all my heart but my somehow my life feels incomplete.

(James, your father, listens to hearing you talk)

James: Son, I’m glad you are living the lifestyle of faith but you are missing the point. Faith without any works can be dead. It’s not just believing but also acting on what you believe. Faith and works have to go hand in hand.

Paul: Hmm, I didn’t know that. Tell me more about it.

James: (goes on to say…)

Faith without actions is dead. A simple yet a powerful advice we often miss from the scriptures. It feels easy to trust but unless you add some work to your faith it’s never going to work out.

If you have faith that God will work out ways to pay your monthly financial needs but if you don’t step out and look for ways to meet your need then that is faith without works.

You may ask, how is that even faith if I find a way of working out to meet my needs…

The faith scripture talks about is, believing and trusting in God and also adding work towards whatever you believe will happen. Faith is not magic or a mantra but a lifestyle of being depended on God that He will guide, lead and provide your needs. When you add actions to your faith and do what you are supposed to do; God will do what He promised to do.

Abraham believed in God’s promises. He had faith that God will make his descendants like the sand of the sea and stars in the sky; numerous even to count (Genesis 22:17). For such a promise to come true. He had to be part of the procreation process in giving birth to a child and bring him up in the ways of the Lord with the faith that one day a great descendant will come out of him. Now, that is faith.

Just imagine, if had Abraham expected a baby to pop up from the sand or fall from the night sky. What would you call him? Abraham the father of magic or illusion?

Faith is a practical belief in God, a lifestyle where you learn to be depended on him completely. Do what you have to do and God will do what he has promised to do. In your journey of faith, God will guide, lead and provide all that you need.


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