Psalm 8 makes one statement clear that is, “We were made to worship our Creator”

If someone were to ask you a question. Why do you exist?

You might say because God in his foreknowledge knew me and that I had a purpose so I exist.

Someone who does not believe in God might say, that they were just a formation of chemicals or something that would have collided to form the humans that are alive today.

All of us have different opinions, whether a Christian or an Atheist, we have opinions or reasons for why we exist.

So, there is an important thing to know about How God created and made everything that is alive and functional on this earth today.

God created the galaxies, stars, heavenly bodies, the animals; the crawling, creeping, and swimming animals.

But God made man.! Genesis 1:26, God says, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… Notice the use of word make instead of the word create. The word MAKE has a different meaning from the word CREATE.

God created the world with the word of his mouth but when it came to Man, He made him out of the dust of the ground. In other words, God handcrafted you and me. He took mud just as a porter would take clay and make something useful out of it.

The psalmist begins with the declaration saying, O God our Lord, How majestic is your name in all the earth. and talks about the creation in v.3 and finally talks about the worth of man in verse 4.

There are two things that the Psalmist points out for our everyday life.

  • Never stop declaring the name of God
  • Understand your worth. — Understand who you are made to be.

So First,

Never stop declaring the name of God. 

In other words, never stop declaring the name of God. Philippians chapter 2, Christological chapter of the bible, talks about the power of the name of God. There is power in that name. In any situation of our life, we have to declare the name of God because it has the power to change our life.


Understand your worth

Psalmist brings in a revelation that God is mindful of man. God who created the heavens and the earth has now made man also. And if there’s one thing that we need to do, that is, we have to Worship our God.

The word Worship speaks for itself. It’s clear enough.

Coming back to the central question. Why do we exist?

It’s because we are called to worship

If we do not worship, we cease to exist.

In other words, our bodies will live and keep on surviving but our inner man will cease to live.

So then, Let us remember to begin our day with worship and live a lifestyle of worship.



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