Walking in your destiny

Walking in your destiny

John Piper recently posted a tweet that said, “God’s will for our life is that his will should become our will.”

I agree to that.

It’s easier said than done.

It seems easier to walk in your own will and desire than walk in the destiny that God has prepared for you.

Because we tend to walk by what we see.

But God desires the opposite for our life. He wants us to walk by faith and not by sight.

In other words, if there is anything in our life that we held on as a treasured possession, that we put our hard work, our hopes, and everything to it – because we see it. Be sure, one day, God will remove that out of your life.

I worked at The Bangalore Conservatory. I served in different positions. I loved my job. I loved the organization. I treated it as a baby. This organization was so precious to me that I spent countless hours planning, working towards achieving the goals. I spent my time, energy, sacrificed my family time to spend at BC. I gave it all. There are times when I’ve worked for 16 hours straight. I thought I’d spend most of my life here. But one day, things started to change. I heard God’s call to enter into full-time ministry. It was a tough decision. I prayed and finally said, Yes. The very thing that I regarded as precious; God took away. Why ?

Why ?

Because I put my hard work and hopes on what I saw. But God took me into a place to make me live according to what I believe and not in what I see. He wanted me to believe in him for my providence. He wanted me to believe in what he made me be. He wanted me to believe in what he spoke into my life several years ago. He wanted me to believe in what he has called me to do.

More than anything, He wanted me to believe in what he can do in my life more than what I can do by myself.

Fast forward, several months later. I have moved to Mangalore. I have met wonderful people; people who became like family to me. Started a church and became part of bible study group where I teach regularly.

So, How is life compared to the time when I worked at Bangalore Conservatory and now when I am in full-time ministry?

When I was working, I put my hopes and hard work in what I could see. I saw an institution that has the potential to become the best music degree institution in the country. I saw students, staff, and everything else. And I saw my providence in that. I put my hopes in what I saw.

And now when I am in ministry. God is teaching me to put my hopes and hard work in what I believe. I believe there is a call, there is a mission and I believe that one day a mega-church will rise up in this city that will lift the name of Jesus high.!

But now, what do I see? I see few people, a small group, challenging times, times when I walk around with coins in my wallet, and sometimes nothing.!

But God has been faithful to me. He has helped me live here for 6 months and continues to provide everything I need. Often times, the question I ask or ponder is why I don’t see anything materialize in the way I expect it to happen. Although I see a structure, I don’t see anything materialize.

But, I know, God is doing something in me. He is teaching me to walk by faith and not by sight. He wants to me to put my hopes and work in what I believe and not in what I see.

He wants me to put my belief in what he can do than what I could achieve by myself.

If I live according to what I see then I don’t need God’s help. But only when I live according to what I believe then I need God in everything. Without him, I can’t live. Without him, I can’t breathe. Without him, I can’t survive.

I believe one day a generation of young people will rise up for the name of Jesus. This city, Mangalore, is going to be on fire for God.

All this will come to fulfillment only if I continue to live according to what I believe.

I tell you, this is life. Though it’s challenging it is a fruitful life. It is satisfying. You will experience the amazing presence of God in an inexpressible way; I experience it every day. This is life. God provides in ways I can never imagine. He is faithful.

This is my destiny.

If God has called you walk into the destiny he has designed for you. Do not hesitate. Pray and prepare yourself. And say Yes Lord, and begin to walk. You will see him do mighty work in your life.

Always remember to set your eyes on what God can do through your life than what you could do by yourself.


New Year Resolution: Less of me and more of Jesus

New Year Resolution: Less of me and more of Jesus

It’s that time of the year when we begin to reflect on all things we did this year and make plans and new resolutions for the coming year. Honestly, most new year resolutions are thrown out the window by the end of the first month. However, sometimes we are able to keep a few and accomplish them.

If I have to reflect on all that events that happened this year. There’s a lot to be thankful and grateful to God for. I began this year with a preparation to move to a new place, moved in a few months, met awesome people who became like family to me, and started a Church. It’s amazing to me when I think of what God can do if we were to let him work more and more in our life every day.

As I sat this evening working and sketching out a design, this popped into my mind.

“If only our lives were less of us and more of God then we won’t have to argue, fight or be negative towards anyone.”

As those words came into my mind. I decided that I am going to make those words my resolution for the new year.

Probably, we don’t fight, argue or do any sort of negative thing but somewhere in us the “I” still lies awake. And I believe, this is progressive, it takes time, patience and effort to strip everything that makes us boast in us or in who we are.

So, I want to encourage you. As you begin this new year let your life become more of Jesus and less of yourself.

Also, thank you to everyone who subscribed to my blog. I hope to keep writing many more in the coming days.

Thank you.

God bless us all.


Grateful for what I am today

Grateful for what I am today

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, 

that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service.

1 Timothy 1:12


As I was reading through 1st Timothy chapter 1, this verse struck my heart deeply, so I decided to write a blog on this verse reflecting on how God has made me what I am today.

If I look back at my life — things that I’ve been through. I often think. I don’t deserve this life. My sins deserved punishment. I deserved death but I stand forgiven, reconciled only by the grace of God and through the blood of Jesus Christ.

One of my favorite verses is this,

Psalm 18:35 – You have stooped down to make me great. – (NCV)

It is a verse that so powerfully speaks about the greatness of God. The truth is this; I did not go to God but He came to me.

I’m sure all of us can relate to this. The truth at the end of the day is this, We are all saved by Grace and grace alone.

When Paul writes this letter to timothy, who was a true son to him in the faith, he wrote this with a goal to motivate him to play the role of a strong leader to set things right at the church in Ephesus. And as part of that, he writes about his own life: his past life and present life.

Growing up, as a kid I was less useful compared to my brother. I didn’t participate much in any activities. I was moody, short-tempered and always lost in thoughts. I didn’t do well at sports. (Something everyone expected from me as a kid) nor at any activities. I hardly won any awards, medals. I mostly won consolation prizes😀.  I was an introvert. I had a very limited group of friends.

And that’s how people saw me too….that I am introvert, doesn’t mingle much with anyone, hardly involves in anything…and is very moody.

But God saw something different in me. He saw with the purpose that I was created for… He began working in my life. He worked his way through even before I fully understood that He was working. He made me into someone that people would look up to. I got saved during my third year at bible college. God radically changed my life. I remember, one day, early morning when I praying, God spoke to me saying, “I have made you as a Prophet to the nations and you will carry my word to the nations” I said God, I stammer when I speak. How am I to be one like that. I said that because I would always stammer when I get on stage to preach. I loved preaching but this always came in the way of preaching. God spoke to me saying, “I will now touch your lips just as I touched Isaiah’s lips (Isaiah 6:5) and you will carry my word to the nations” It was an altogether a different experience…something hard to describe in words. From then on, I stopped stammering and slowly began to speak the word of God with boldness. This happened in the year 2011, almost five years ago.

I look back at life now. I can say what Paul says, “I am thankful to God who has given me strength, and considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service.” (Paraphrased)

I am 24 years old now and am happily serving God in full-time ministry.

I am sure that you might even have a story like this. I would love to hear what God has done in your life. You can type them in the comments section below or leave a link in the comments if you have written any blogs similar to this. I will put all those stories together in my next blog.

There is power in hearing testimonies and mutually encouraging each other.

In closing,

I am going to conclude with this word of praise to God that Paul wrote (1:17) in this letter.

Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

I am eagerly waiting to hear what God has done in your life.